“A dynamic mix of education, experience, teaching ability, and an extreme focus on customer-first is what makes the TEM Team great at what they do!”

the company we keep

We think of our food and beverage industry relationships as fully integrated and deep.  We are true partners with our engaged companies, where we have a mutually beneficial relationship.  The beauty of this industry is it's small, and we all genuinely care about each other's success.  That's why the food industry is so great!  Our relationships with Larry and Brian at HVEDC's Food and Beverage Alliance and Bet on My Business Academy, Robert's Hospitality Resource Group, Heidi's Sparkshoppe, Kas and Marushka's Kas Krupnikas, Tommy at Keegan Ales, Richard's Screamin'  Onionz, Patti's Awestruck Cider, etc. are based upon a trust that we can contact each other at any time for any reason.  We keep good company with good companies!


  • Educational Speaking
  • Conferences, Rallies
  • Business Education
  • Syllabi 
  • Interactive Growth Collaboration


  • Analyze competitors
  • Innovate/ stay on trend
  • Create in-store experience


  • Assist in talent development
  • Define marketing plan
  • Form advertising plan
  • Tailor assortment



We believe that integrity in marketing is the bedrock foundation upon which all activities and guiding principles should be built.  It is time to bring back a focus on integrity and ethics in everything we do.  You start by doing the right thing, everyday, and the rest will follow.  We help your company be the leaders in positive change for the marketplace. 

Triple Eight Marketing


Our vision

Our vision is to be the most effective provider of food and beverage consultant assistance in our marketplace, with a differentiated ability to bring the customer into the center of all activities and actions.

our mission

Our mission is to provide our services with integrity, honesty, and a team approach that only says “yes” to our clients.


  • Set strategic plans
  • Define value proposition
  • Identify target customers
  • Form differentiation strategies
  • Form barriers to entry

With over thirty years of experience leading food and beverage category management, merchandising and marketing organizations in both the United States and internationally, our team is a marketing, food and beverage, and strategic positioning consulting firm.  We are perfectly suited to help you realize success through a coordinated effort of building the appropriate processes and tools across the entire organization, ensuring a proactive and disciplined approach to a "customer first" selling mentality.