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six steps to positive

You know how you feel when you spend the day with someone with that “can-do” positive energy?  It’s contagious.  It makes you feel more energetic, more productive, and even more successful.  You look forward to being with that person.  Can’t we all be that person?
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requisite reading for the renaissance retailer

This book is a compendium that combines the best of advice and tips garnered over a lifetime of customer connectivity, engagement, selling, merchandising, marketing, and advertising; and, how everything you learned five years ago is almost irrelevant today. The customer has evolved. The customer is different. The customer is extremely more demanding today. The customer has no time, has more information than they really want, has a short attention span, and expects you to know them intimately.  

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customer connectivity in global brands and retailers

The art of doing business in a company’s home market is one of strategy, tactics, environmental awareness, intense competition and elicits the need to be quick to respond to external and internal variables. Once a company decides to move outside of its home market, an entirely new set of variables presents itself. Not only does the company need to perform the everyday functions of buying and selling goods or services; but it now must deal with being further from the home office, trying to attract a local consumer that may not inherently trust a company from the outside, and it must also understand the local employment situation and unique nuances of the local workforce. Having mastered those previous situations, the skills and experience are pushed to their limits in a foreign country with a closed economic environment, like Cuba. With the closed economic environment, the rules of government control, worker compensation, resource allocation, and even safety and regulations, change dramatically.  Follow the gameplan for a transition to an open economy in Cuba.  A step by step guide based upon best practices from some of the most successful companies in the world! Find the plan in chapters 20, 21, and 22.  Get it today!

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it's the name on the front that matters, not the one on the back

Business and life are like sports: it’s the name on the front of the jersey that matters, not the one on the back. It’s the team that will eventually cross the goal line or defeat the other guys. One person cannot do it. And, on top, when one person becomes the story, the rest of the team tends to sit back and watch. It actually decreases the productivity of the rest of the team.
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Dr. Z's ten Books for all your business needs!

Each book shown below answers a different need in every organization.  The latest releases A Store WalkDr. Z's Guide to Grocery Stores and Cooking and Cool Stuff Like That! and Successfully Succinct Stage Speaking contain 50 tips, tidbits, and success strategies for public speaking, as well as a walk through a grocery store- plus, how to cook what you see. Attack the stage with vigor!  A Marketing Manual for the Millennium looks at the human-side of marketing and how you go to market from a personal perspective. As an additional benefit, it is formatted to parallel any Marketing Principles or Marketing Strategy class you might be teaching.  Operating in the New Cuba sets up a game plan for the newly opened borders of Cuba.  How you enter, how you set up your business, and how you look at team formation for this new frontier!  Category Management Principles is the newest release and is designed as a textbook for teaching Category Management.  Requisite Reading for the Renaissance Retailer is designed to follow strong formational guidelines to building a world-class "Renaissance Retailer".  Customer Connectivity in Global Brands and Retailers is a collection of operating strategies from some of the most successful consumer goods companies and retailers on the planet.  Food Retail Management Strategic Cases is a group of cases involving food retail strategies and tactics.  In this textbook, each chapter has discussion questions and is designed to be used in any food retail management class you might be teaching.  Rounding out the group of books, Would You Shop Here if You Didn't Work Here? and Customers First. Profits Second. are some of Dr. Z's earlier and more formative works.

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